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At Aicham Larson-Juhl in Neu-Ulm we set the industry standard, offering the most comprehensive range of beautiful mouldings, frames, mountboards and accessories in the market.

Over 1600 different mouldings in a variety of styles and finishes and a full range of frames and mountboard prove the point. As does continually innovating our range of products under the brands Aicham and Larson-Juhl and associated services so we can meet your ongoing requirements.

At Aicham Larson-Juhl we have build up our experience since 1864 and help our customers to benefit from our ongoing desire to deliver exceptional products out of our own production site in Germany, at the right price and with customer service that is both friendly and professional.

Please get in touch with our export-department and we will promptly provide information material and offers on your inquiries.


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